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Orluck Organic Commercial Cleaning

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What a blessing you have been in my chaotic life. I feel as if the greatest gift has been given to me. Thank you!
Amy, Minneapolis

Your team did a fantastic job!! Everything looked perfect and the house smelled wonderful!
Karen, Hopkins

I love our amazing Orluck Organic women. They are prompt, happy, tidy, sweet, dependable, and really quite extraordinary. It's truly a treat to come home to a clean, sweet-smelling home that hasn't been touched by toxic chemicals! Of course, I’m perfectly capable of cleaning on my own, but these women GET IT DONE. I set aside money for this special treat and VOILA!!! My home is sparkling clean and so pleasant!
Mary, Plymouth

Thanks for always making my house shine. You do such great work!
Joan, Buffalo

Thank you so much for another beautiful job. I’d let my kids eat off that clean floor! It’s great to know everything is clean and ready for our new baby too...without harmful chemicals!
Jennifer, Minnetonka

It was so wonderful to know I could leave the house with a team of people I trust, and it was great to come home to it CLEAN! You got to a lot of little things that have been bothering me for a long time. Thank you!
Carol, Medina

I have tried other cleaning services in the past and found it’s just not worth it. After the Orluck Organic team had been here, I keep seeing things, instead of saying “Oh, they missed that,” I say “They cleaned that too!”
Jennifer, Minnetonka

I think women often feel like it's extravagant to spend money on a cleaner. Listen!!! The service Orluck Organic provides is good on every level. Good for my health, my marriage, and for my ability to think and operate clearly and more relaxed in my own home. I’m so grateful for the service they provide. They’re organic, non-toxic, family and locally-owned, mission-based and perfect for me and my family.
Mary, Plymouth


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